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Dentist Kansas City, MO - Dr. Adjemian

The first time you walk through the doors of our dental practice, you'll notice something different.You are treated as a very special guest and part of our extended family.You soon discover that this is no ordinary dental practice and that Dr. Arsen Adjemian is no ordinary dentist.

Of course, Dr. Adjemian is well schooled and talented in all routine dental procedures such as exams, cleanings, fillings and crowns. But Dr Adjemian is also highly skilled in more complex dental procedures, such as oral surgery and wisdom teeth extractions. This means that in most instances all of your dental needs can be met here, without being referred to a specialist you do not know.

Education is a primary focus for everyone involved in our practice, including our patients. Dr Adjemian and his staff are committed to both formal and continuing education. Most importantly, both Dr Adjemian and his staff take the time necessary to thoroughly educate patients regarding all dental procedures and available options. Once you visit our practice, you will quickly find that educating patients on the procedure is just as important as the procedure itself.

We welcome you and thank you for choosing our dental practice to help you achieve your dental needs and desires. Dr. Arsen Adjemian and his staff are committed to earning your confidence and trust through hard work, understanding and attention to detail. We look forward to getting to know you both personally and professionally.

Dr. Arsen Adjemian

Dr Arsen Adjemian received his undergraduate degree in physiology and chemistry and his anesthesia technician certification from San Francisco State University (SFSU).

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